19,500 Lumens LED Balloon Light Kit

11,000 SQFT of Illumination

360-Degrees of Glare-free illumination


  • Perfect light for backyard!

    We’ve had been searching for a portable light that can light up an area in our backyard when we have parties and cookouts. String lights look nice, but we needed something brighter for activities and games at night. I was skeptical how bright it might be or how the balloon worked but we went for it, and I have to say we are very impressed with our purchase of the Volterrex 60W Light. The balloon is like a lampshade that cuts the glare of the LEDs and there was no heat. You can control the bright...

  • Volterrex balloon lights have been one of the best products we have added to our event rental offerings.

    We use them for site lighting, safety lighting and they look great. The products are compact
    and portable, easy and quick set-up/breakdown, and very popular with my customers. Not to mention an unbelievable ROI with them, all together this product is a great bang for your buck!

  • ATS Equipment has four locations in New England and have been Volterrex customer for over 3 years.

    Their products have been working out excellently for us and our customers and their Balloon Lighting is approved by MassDOT standards for diffused light, which is required on state funded roads and highways. We have deployed them at well over 25 projects in New England including bridge renovations, underpass repairs, highway resurfacing and more. The lights are not only more friendly for the drivers on the roads but also easier and better light for the guys on site to work with too.

Built with Safety & Quality